Jeep Cherokee Picture and Review

Jeep Cherokee Picture and Review

Jeep Cherokee. Modelo 2008.

The Jeep Cherokee is a midsize SUV (4.5 m) with five-door body, and reducing total switchable traction. It is sold with a 177 hp diesel engine and two types of change, one manual and one automatic. This model is on sale since 2008 and replaced the former Cherokee.

Since March 2009 there available a version called “Sport”, in addition to the “Limited” that already existed. Its price at the time of writing this information is to 28.900 € (without the discount Jeep is making € 33,600). The “Limited” costs € 32,963 with manual gearbox, the automatic € 37,717 (with discount). The version “Sport” can not be automatic.

The appearance of the interior combines good details, such as controls that are on the doors are very similar to those used by Mercedes-Benz (may be the same) and there are many holes to leave things at hand, with other surprising in a car of this price (plastic with sharp edges or cuts in the upholstery poorly resolved). In general, interior quality, I think it is in an intermediate position between the Compass / Patriot and Grand Cherokee and below most of its alternatives.

Inside, there’s room for four adults, a fifth passenger will not go where they should be comfortable because your feet are two drinks holders. The interior height is great, both front and back. The trunk of 419 liters capacity (1,404 L with the seats folded down), is walking distance to the vertical roller blinds covering it. In his piece is a reversible floor that conceals a small double bottom. This piece is coated on one side of the upholstery as the rest of the boot while the other is plastic. This can be used to put on it something we do not want to dirty the car (as muddy boots).

If the car gets dirty mud is very difficult to enter and leave without getting dirty, because there is no protection for the beam that is below the threshold of the door does not get dirty (in a Freelander 2 is not the case).

Some technical

Jeep Cherokee. 2008.Además Model Diesel Engine 2.8-liter displacement and 177 hp (with Diesel injection system through common with piezoelectric injectors and turbocharger type variable), Jeep offers the possibility of commissioning a gasoline-powered version of six-cylinder, 3.7 liter engine capacity and 205 hp.

The diesel engine is coupled to a gearbox six-speed manual (called NSG 370). Optionally, you can carry an automatic five (545RFE), the fuel is only available with an automatic four relationships (42RLE). The arrangement of the engine is longitudinal (as in all models except the Jeep Compass and Patriot). provides the latest auto reviews and pictures.

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