Auto Starter – Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

So you left your lights on while you were shopping at the mall, and arrived back at your car to find it wouldn’t start. Do you approach a stranger, hoping he has jumper cables? Or wait for who knows how long for a tow truck to arrive? Not if you have the Car Battery Charger! With this handy auto starter, not only do you not need jumper cables, you don’t even need another car.

Just plug the Car Battery Charger into the 12v cigarette lighter socket of your car, and in about 10 minutes you’re ready to go! The sealed-alkaline battery inside has the power (5 amps, 14.5 volts) to let you start your vehicle from the warmth and safety of your car’s interior. You don’t even have to open the hood. The Car Battery Charger can also be used at a campsite, or on a boat or RV, to power many 12v devices such as a radio or camcorder. Leave the Car Battery Charger plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and it recharges automatically. Since it maintains a full charge for up to 5 years, the Car Battery Charger can be kept in your emergency car kit, glove compartment or trunk until you need it! 2-1⁄2″ x 7-1⁄2″ x 1-7⁄8″.

Car Battery Charger benefits:

* Charges a run-down car battery from inside your car
* Plugs into cigarette lighter–no need for jumper cables
* Recharges itself automatically as you drive
* Can also be used to power 12v devices
* Maintains a full charge for up to 5 years

price : 30 usd provides the latest auto reviews and pictures.

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